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We are asking for help in 2021 to install a Security System at our offices, a video surveillance system at both sites, access control, upgraded fire systems at St. Mary’s, and up-to-code doors at St. John’s.

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At the beginning of Lent, we heard about some of the needs of our parishes which we hope to address through the parish share (once we meet our goal) in the annual Diocesan Lenten Appeal.

As of 3/4/2021, St. Mary’s has met her Diocesan Target! Thank you for your generosity! All gifts to St. Mary’s DLA will now STAY in our parish!

Our projects at both churches can be summed up in one word: security.

This year, with money raised above our diocesan target, we plan to install necessary security updates to our church facilities at both sites and to parish office. These include a security system for the shared parish office. At St. Mary’s, it would also include security cameras around the property and an updated fire alarm system. At St. John’s, we hope to install more secure and up-to-code panic doors at the entrance of the church, replace leaky door frames, add security cameras around the property, and any other necessary projects.  

With your help, we hope to reach our DLA goal and begin to raise funds to address these issues at both parishes.

Thank you for your support!